IMG_4364Beginning of my third trimester we needed a get away. We had originally planned on going to the tulip festival in Washington but due to my lovely bloated and uncomfortable body, I didn’t think I could handle the 12 hour car ride. We settled on a weekend getaway to the tulip festival at Thanksgiving Point. It was lovely, really. I enjoyed the festival much more than I had anticipated. Thousands upon thousands of beautiful blooming tulips. We also ate some really delicious food. We went to Eva’s Bakery for breakfast the first morning and loved it so much we went there the next day as well. I bought pastries and bread to take us the rest of the day and to the tulips and it really only lasted the first few hours,… whoops. I blamed it on pregnancy, but lets get serious. If I had more of those delicious pastries they would be gone in seconds! Its a good thing we don’t live too close. It was really a weekend of relaxation and good food. Two of my favorite pregnancy past times.

unnamed IMG_4361


My best friend and old roommate Alicia who lives in Utah met us at the tulips with her adorable chicks.







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