Everything’s bigger in Texas


Two weeks after I found out about the blood clot (see previous post) Bryndon was called by his boss in Texas and asked to come work in Dallas for a month. I was still unable to get around by myself or really do anything by myself for that matter. Bryndon was helping me with all my day to day stuff. Not to mention he was also giving me the beloved blood thinner injections in my abdomen twice a day. It wasn’t exactly optimal timing to have him be leaving for an entire month, but we also didn’t  feel like it was a good time to turn down work either. With that, I moved into my mom and dads house for the next couple of weeks so that they could help me get around.  Did I mention I had alot, I mean ALOT of time on my hands those first couple weeks? I may have watched all of Call the Midwives & Selfridges in their entirety!  I recommend them both, by the way. .


Bryndon went to Texas to work with American Dream Labs to animate animals for their pilot of a kids series called History House.They were putting on a big dinner to raise money for the making of the show and they were going to air the pilot at the banquet.  On week three of the month long work trip Bryndons boss told him they werent going to be done and would need another, I repeat ANOTHER WHOLE MONTH out of him in Texas. Bad news for the pregnant ornery blood clot woman. A month seemed like an eternity let alone TWO months. I decided I would go out to Texas for a visit. Thankfully I was able to go and just sit next to him while he worked for a few days and we got to give quick kisses while no one was looking. It is better than being half a country away, that is for sure. By the way your body grows alot in 3 weeks, so when i saw him I looked a bit different.  I also was able to fly back yet again at the end of the second month for the banquet and to see the pilot and to finally take him back home with me!





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