IMG_3709                                         This is what being terrified looks like.


Bryndon and I went to Florida in October of last year (2014) for a little get away. While I was there I had the distinct impression that I was pregnant. There was no defining sign to make me think this, but none the less I totally did. I made Bryndon take me to a drugstore to grab a test .After I bought the test I actually had to wait a few hours to take it just to get up the nerve  because I was so positive it was going to be, well, positive & there  is something  permanent and scary about that.We ended up in an antique store later that afternoon and there of all places is where I thought I should take the pregnancy test. I took the test in a musty, kind of dirty bathroom that had Victorian paper dolls glued all over the walls and I waited ….and waited and ..waited and it was negative. It wasn’t my first negative test but I felt heartbroken more than ever. I actually went back in the bathroom to check the trash one last time to make sure somehow it had’t changed to a positive. It hadn’t. Poor Bryndon had to comfort me in the middle of the poorly lit damp smelling antique store and reassure me that everything was okay.  Let me backtrack and tell you that we didn’t know if I would be able to get pregnant. We got married with the understanding that I had PCOS (a cause of infertility) and there was a good chance we were not going to have kids.. well not our own genetic little monsters at least. We just figured we would have to adopt to start our family.  That being said It shouldn’t have been a surprise that it was a negative. Fast forward to about a week later when we were home from our vacation and it was about 2 in the am and I couldn’t sleep. That feeling had not left me. I couldn’t shake the fact that I knew I was pregnant! Still no outward sign that I was but I knew it. There is no other way to put it. Bryndon being the very patient husband he is went  to Walgreens with me and we got yet another (4) pregnancy tests. We went home and I went right to the bathroom and took the test and waited.. and waited… and POSITIVE. I WAS RIGHT I did have a baby in me! I had a baby in me in Florida but it was just too early to detect! I was so blissfully happy to see that positive on that test. I never in a million years thought I would get pregnant on my own and after only a few months of  trying! Bryndon on the other hand took it …… I think the photos speak for themselves.


This is right after I showed him the test. I sat there while he had a complete panic and he melted on the floor. I gave him about 1o min to just absorb it while I sat there just snapping photos of the ridiculous melt down that was happening. (He was happy, just terrified and happy all at the same time)

He did eventually get up and hug me and express how happy he was and I did the same.

I did however wake up next to this the next morning. You can see  the stress on his face.


Is it weird that I found his panicking to be just hilarious and adorable? Well I did.


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