A whale of a woman

edit 2

Let me start by saying I love my baby. I am so in love that I would be a whale all over again to have her.

When I got pregnant or started thinking about getting pregnant I was warned about alot of things, no sleep, puking, swollen ankles, hormone shifts, nesting, yadda yadda yadda. What I wish I could have been prepared for is just how  GIGANTIC I was going to become. There are those woman who just are so graceful during pregnancy and have the most adorable baby bump and adorable un stretch marked bellies that can be photographed so you can see the perfect little belly button pokie outie thing….. that. was. not. me. As you can see in the above photo I got huge. REALLY huge. I got 45 week pregnant huge. You heard me.45 weeks HUGE! By the time I had baby my uterus was measuring 45 weeks (while I actually only went to 39 weeks). It was so big it honestly caught me off guard regularly and I wouldn’t gauge the space I would need to move around with my big ol’ belly. Opening the door for instance, every time I went to open my front door I would swing it open and hit my belly with the door! Once I actually ran into my mirror in my bathroom. I have a full length mirror in the bathroom that I stand in front of to do my makeup and I typically stand pretty close when I do things like pluck my eye brows and put my eye liner on. I would go to step forward to complete said makeup task and hit my stomach on the mirror! I couldn’t put my shoes on, I couldn’t get into our SUV without actually having to hoist myself into the seat. I couldn’t drive by the end due to being soooooooooooooooo far away from the steering wheel. Okay, I am getting a tad dramatic. While all of those things are true, i’m sure it could have been a lot worse. I write this because I want to be able to hold it over my kids head the rest of her life. I kid! Really, I found it (while aggravating) to be  humorous and something I want to remember. I also hope that if there is some other pregnant woman out there feeling oh so crazy big that she will take solace in the fact that she is not alone. There are other whale women out there  feeling her pain & also to say it is totally worth it. Having a baby is pretty magical.

I will tell you about the stretch marks another day. (Don’t worry, there are no pictures for that post.)

Here are some photos to prove just how “beautifully” huge I got. My patient husband was sweet enough to go out to the Idaho country side to take some maternity photos for me.

edit 1

edit 5 edit 4 DSC_0788



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