The Sunshine State : St. Augustine

October 2014


Florida!!!!!! Bryndon and I went to Florida last October for a little get away. I know what you are picturing… and it looks about like a Sandals vacation commercial. Fruity drinks, bikinis, running slow motion on the beach, snorkeling, looking tan while doing awesome adventurous things…. well, let me paint a different picture. It looked more like an episode of American Pickers. Two pale people driving around a lot looking at a lot of really old things.  We don’t vacation like everybody else in Florida, we vacation like we are 70. We started in St. Augustine and moved all the way to Key West!

St. Augustine





Favorite stops in St. Augustine

  1. Tour at Flagler College (I highly recommend it)
  2. THE BEST Cuban sandwich at La Herencia. Located in old town.
  3. Delicious gelato at Cafe Del Hildago
  4. Light House: beautiful view of the city from the top




DSC_0191  IMG_3199




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