The Sunshine State : The Everglades

October 2014


It has been a goal of Bryndon & I’s to visit all the National Parks together. While we have put a few big ones under our belts, there is still A LOT more to see. Did you know that at any of the National Park gift shops you can buy a National Park passport? Inside all the gift shops is a little area with a stamp that has the date and title of the park you are visiting. You can stamp your awesome little passport for every time you make a visit!

Listed are all the parks we have seen together

  1. Yellowstone (Wyoming/Montana)
  2. Grand Teton  (Wyoming)
  3. Glacier (Montana)
  4. Zions (Utah)
  5. Everglades (Florida)

While we did enjoy the everglades, it was not anything like we had hoped. The facilities  felt a little more rundown than the other National Parks we had visited. Also, we were expecting to see loads of birds and animals… not so. While the scenery was beautiful, I am glad we only spent one afternoon there (not the 2 full days like we were originally planning). We did see a Painted Bunting (google it), A GIGANTIC gator & a handful of water birds.



11828632_10155912640980644_175167189941344347_n 11825777_978882082142544_3092207306473344982_n




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