Bryndon’s 30th Birthday


For Bryndon’s  30th birthday this year we decided to take to the mountains for the day….. with a one month old. Sometimes I am not sure why I make the decisions I do. The original plan was  to walk around to one side of Jenny’s Lake and once at the other end we were going to take a ferry ride back. Needless to say, that did not happen.   I actually thought that one month after I had a c-section I was going to be up for a hike around the lake in the heat of August with my brand new baby. I made it about 100 yards before I had to stop. I was so desperate to start normal activity after I had the baby that I was in denial about how unbelievably not ready I was to do much of anything physical. I wasn’t even 5 weeks out of delivering baby. After my failed attempt to walk around the lake, we decided to just drive through the park and go to a pizzeria on a marina that was recommended to us. While we didn’t do what we set out to, we had such a perfect day. I felt kind of (emphasis on the kind of) normal for once in 10 months and I was able to walk around with out my ankles swelling to the size of watermelons. I love this family of mine and absolutely loved out day in Grand Teton National Park.

20150811_185607 20150811_184950

Not  a bad place to be fed and changed. (Is it dumb that I almost didn’t post the picture on the right because I was afraid of being judged by other moms I don’t even know?)

DSC_0515This photo is maybe in my top 10 favorite photos. This is Bryndon and Sailor being mobbed by a tour bus of Asian tourists. They were smitten with Sailor and asked to touch her and take her photo. This is about half the group that originally was taking their photo. I just thought about it a little too late.


Can we talk about how beautiful Grand Teton National Park is? We are so lucky to live so close to (dare I say ) Two of the most beautiful national parks. Grand Teton & Yellowstone.


20150811_152256 20150811_152358




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