Bryndon’s 30th Birthday


For Bryndon’s  30th birthday this year we decided to take to the mountains for the day….. with a one month old. Sometimes I am not sure why I make the decisions I do. The original plan was  to walk around to one side of Jenny’s Lake and once at the other end we were going to take a ferry ride back. Needless to say, that did not happen.   I actually thought that one month after I had a c-section I was going to be up for a hike around the lake in the heat of August with my brand new baby. I made it about 100 yards before I had to stop. I was so desperate to start normal activity after I had the baby that I was in denial about how unbelievably not ready I was to do much of anything physical. I wasn’t even 5 weeks out of delivering baby. After my failed attempt to walk around the lake, we decided to just drive through the park and go to a pizzeria on a marina that was recommended to us. While we didn’t do what we set out to, we had such a perfect day. I felt kind of (emphasis on the kind of) normal for once in 10 months and I was able to walk around with out my ankles swelling to the size of watermelons. I love this family of mine and absolutely loved out day in Grand Teton National Park.

20150811_185607 20150811_184950

Not  a bad place to be fed and changed. (Is it dumb that I almost didn’t post the picture on the right because I was afraid of being judged by other moms I don’t even know?)

DSC_0515This photo is maybe in my top 10 favorite photos. This is Bryndon and Sailor being mobbed by a tour bus of Asian tourists. They were smitten with Sailor and asked to touch her and take her photo. This is about half the group that originally was taking their photo. I just thought about it a little too late.


Can we talk about how beautiful Grand Teton National Park is? We are so lucky to live so close to (dare I say ) Two of the most beautiful national parks. Grand Teton & Yellowstone.


20150811_152256 20150811_152358




The Sunshine State : West Palm Beach

Flagler Mansion

October 2014


Sometimes a good picture is not in the cards… sometimes the pic above is as good as it is going to get.

When we visited St. Augustine we visited Flagler College. Someone suggested that if we loved Flagler so much, we needed to to make a pit stop in West Palm Beach and visit the Flagler Mansion. It did not disappoint. If you love architecture, history or just touring insanely beautiful mansions… you will love both of these tours!

Flagler Mansion








P.S. if you end up in West Palm Beach, you have to eat at Havana. Not only was it insanely delicious but the service was fantastic as well as the atmosphere.

The Sunshine State : The Everglades

October 2014


It has been a goal of Bryndon & I’s to visit all the National Parks together. While we have put a few big ones under our belts, there is still A LOT more to see. Did you know that at any of the National Park gift shops you can buy a National Park passport? Inside all the gift shops is a little area with a stamp that has the date and title of the park you are visiting. You can stamp your awesome little passport for every time you make a visit!

Listed are all the parks we have seen together

  1. Yellowstone (Wyoming/Montana)
  2. Grand Teton  (Wyoming)
  3. Glacier (Montana)
  4. Zions (Utah)
  5. Everglades (Florida)

While we did enjoy the everglades, it was not anything like we had hoped. The facilities  felt a little more rundown than the other National Parks we had visited. Also, we were expecting to see loads of birds and animals… not so. While the scenery was beautiful, I am glad we only spent one afternoon there (not the 2 full days like we were originally planning). We did see a Painted Bunting (google it), A GIGANTIC gator & a handful of water birds.



11828632_10155912640980644_175167189941344347_n 11825777_978882082142544_3092207306473344982_n



The Sunshine State : St. Augustine

October 2014


Florida!!!!!! Bryndon and I went to Florida last October for a little get away. I know what you are picturing… and it looks about like a Sandals vacation commercial. Fruity drinks, bikinis, running slow motion on the beach, snorkeling, looking tan while doing awesome adventurous things…. well, let me paint a different picture. It looked more like an episode of American Pickers. Two pale people driving around a lot looking at a lot of really old things.  We don’t vacation like everybody else in Florida, we vacation like we are 70. We started in St. Augustine and moved all the way to Key West!

St. Augustine





Favorite stops in St. Augustine

  1. Tour at Flagler College (I highly recommend it)
  2. THE BEST Cuban sandwich at La Herencia. Located in old town.
  3. Delicious gelato at Cafe Del Hildago
  4. Light House: beautiful view of the city from the top




DSC_0191  IMG_3199



Sailor Mae Everett


July 10, 2015

My pregnancy was a rough one, and that is an understatement. I had intense sickness through my first trimester, a blood clot through my second, and a uterus measuring 45 weeks in the middle of summer to top it off in the third trimester. Because of the complications I had been up against, my doc decided it was best for me to be induced. My original due date was July 14th and he decided to schedule my induction for one week earlier. The day I was to be induced was a surreal one. All day Bryndon and I would be doing our normal things and stopping to say things like “this is the last time we will be watching a movie without a baby” & “next time we do the dishes, there will be a baby in the house”  and when we were leaving to go to the hospital  I turned to my husband and said ” next time we come home, we will have Sailor with us”. Even though I had the belly, contractions, cravings, and a kicking baby inside me to prove that this was our reality, it still somehow seemed to be totally unreal. When we got to the hospital on the 8th we knew it was going to be a slow process until we actually delivered the baby. They stripped my membranes and gave me pit and we waited. I had expected to give birth the next day, the 9th, probably in the morning. (let me interject just for a minute and say that you cant really plan on ANYTHING during pregnancy or childbirth, it is not going to go the way you hope or imagine) We went through the night with the nurse checking my cervix and it was opening…..slowly (insert tell tale heart reference). I was hoping that it would start going a little faster so that we could be done by the next afternoon. We waited… cervix check…. and waited… another cervix check… and waited.. another cervix check… nothing really happening. All the way through the 9th we waited and did this routine with no real results. I was contracting at that point for 24 hours with nothing really progressing. I was soooooo discouraged. Around 5 am on the 10th I asked my nurse at what point they will give up on me dialating  and possibly take me in for a c-section. I was told  that it was my decision and if I wanted to throw in the towel, that would be okay. I lost it. I hated that I had to make that decision with no sleep or food in my system for over 30 hours. I didn’t see how I could possibly be rational or calm about the decision. I was sobbing with exhaustion and hormones. Right then, my monitor started beeping and the nurse heard it and came in the room. The babies heartbeat had dropped dangerously low. She called my doctor and he told her we were going in for an emergency c-section and to get me and prepped. While I  was very worried about my baby,  I was also so relieved to have that decision taken away from me.  I was in the operating room within 15 minutes and I was getting ready to meet our baby. The c-section took a total of 10 min! The second I heard my baby cry was one of the best moments of my entire life. I had waited to meet her and dreamed of hearing that cry for a long time. Its pretty indescribable really.  Since I had just been operated on I wasn’t able to hold her for a little while while they stitched me up and while they cleaned her up. She was crying and howling and seemed to be terrified (can you blame her ?) Bryndon went over to try and console her but she was inconsolable. I looked in her direction and said “Sailor, momma is here” and she stopped crying.  I kept talking and she was looking straight towards me (I realize she couldn’t see me, but she could hear me) and as long as I kept talking to her she was calm. It was so beautiful. My baby knew my voice the second she heard it.

My labor was 36 hours in total and excruciating, but the second I heard my babies cry that all went away. My giant uterus, my blood clot, my nausea, swelling.  I had a healthy baby with beautiful loud lungs and that was all that mattered.


DSC_0332 DSC_0324




Baby Shower

baby 1

My sister Natalie and cousin Julie threw me a beautifully themed English garden  baby shower to celebrate baby girl! It was on June 6th (our wedding anniversary) just about a month before I  had the baby.I had so many good friends and alot of family come and celebrate with me!

baby 7

baby 3

baby 6   baby 4

A whale of a woman

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Let me start by saying I love my baby. I am so in love that I would be a whale all over again to have her.

When I got pregnant or started thinking about getting pregnant I was warned about alot of things, no sleep, puking, swollen ankles, hormone shifts, nesting, yadda yadda yadda. What I wish I could have been prepared for is just how  GIGANTIC I was going to become. There are those woman who just are so graceful during pregnancy and have the most adorable baby bump and adorable un stretch marked bellies that can be photographed so you can see the perfect little belly button pokie outie thing….. that. was. not. me. As you can see in the above photo I got huge. REALLY huge. I got 45 week pregnant huge. You heard me.45 weeks HUGE! By the time I had baby my uterus was measuring 45 weeks (while I actually only went to 39 weeks). It was so big it honestly caught me off guard regularly and I wouldn’t gauge the space I would need to move around with my big ol’ belly. Opening the door for instance, every time I went to open my front door I would swing it open and hit my belly with the door! Once I actually ran into my mirror in my bathroom. I have a full length mirror in the bathroom that I stand in front of to do my makeup and I typically stand pretty close when I do things like pluck my eye brows and put my eye liner on. I would go to step forward to complete said makeup task and hit my stomach on the mirror! I couldn’t put my shoes on, I couldn’t get into our SUV without actually having to hoist myself into the seat. I couldn’t drive by the end due to being soooooooooooooooo far away from the steering wheel. Okay, I am getting a tad dramatic. While all of those things are true, i’m sure it could have been a lot worse. I write this because I want to be able to hold it over my kids head the rest of her life. I kid! Really, I found it (while aggravating) to be  humorous and something I want to remember. I also hope that if there is some other pregnant woman out there feeling oh so crazy big that she will take solace in the fact that she is not alone. There are other whale women out there  feeling her pain & also to say it is totally worth it. Having a baby is pretty magical.

I will tell you about the stretch marks another day. (Don’t worry, there are no pictures for that post.)

Here are some photos to prove just how “beautifully” huge I got. My patient husband was sweet enough to go out to the Idaho country side to take some maternity photos for me.

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